Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Commitment to stakeholders


Transparency and dialog are exercised within legal limits (according to established rules and time frames), and with respect for the rights of all stakeholders. In the financial area, Ferrovial has in place an information control procedure for relevant transactions that regulates the measures provided for by the Spanish Securities Market Law.

In communications related to users and employees, Ferrovial guarantees the right to data security, confidentiality and privacy. Ferrovial demands that its employees make discreet and professional use of the information about the company to which they have access. The company considers it essential to protect its information so that it is not destroyed, rendered unavailable, tampered with or disclosed without authorization. For this purpose, it has established a series of general practical guidelines applicable both to Ferrovial's information assets and to the systems that process and support them.

The professionalization of relations between the company and its stakeholders has led to the establishment of a proactive and two-way dialog between Ferrovial and its stakeholders. The evolution of new technologies has also enabled more transparency while adding value to the company.

Ferrovial has a variety of multi-stakeholder channels:

  • Corporate website: Which provides up-to-date information in Spanish and English on the company, its activities and its Corporate Responsibility.
  • Blogs: In Spanish, "Infraestructuras Inteligentes" (Smart Infrastructures), Ferrovial’s blog on innovation, transport and the cities of the future; and in English, “Innovation, Connecting Cities, Intelligent Infrastructure”. Each aims to become a benchmark forum for the transport infrastructure and service sector.
  • Social media and the Internet: Presence on the most popular social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Google + and Instagram. And presentations and information on websites such as Wikipedia, SlideShare and Pinterest.
  • Online Annual Report: Its aim is to present the company's annual results to the stakeholders, with information on business activity, earnings, milestones and goals, based on specific subjects that have been identified as of interest to the different stakeholders.

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This is an electronic version of the 2012 Annual Report prepared by Ferrovial, S.A. for its stakeholders, which aims to be complete and accurate. The contents of this version can be checked by referring to the print version. A copy of the print version in PDF format is available to download on this web page