Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Health and safety

Occupational safety actions

The health and safety actions taken by each business area are detailed below. Of particular note are the visits conducted by safety officers to work centers, specific health and safety studies, the proportion of employees represented on health and safety committees and the number of medical check-ups arranged by the company.


The number of visits conducted by safety officers to work centers was 608 in Cespa,521 in Ferroser and 5,184 in Amey. The number of occupational safety studies carried out for Ferroser stood at 340, while those for Cespa stood at 627.

The emergency plans that companies in the Services division were required to take part in totaled 276, of which 173 were at Amey, 74 at Cespa and 29 at Ferroser. The percentage of employees represented on safety committees at Cespa stood at 77.7%, 48.5% at Amey and 100% at Ferroser.

The Services business area carried out 19,619 physical examinations, of which 10,336 were at Cespa, 6,967 at Ferroser and 2,316 at Amey.

Toll Roads

In the Toll Roads division, a total of 274 occupational safety visits were conducted in domestic work sites and 179 in international sites. A total of 4 domestic and 15 international health and safety studies were conducted.

23 emergency plans are in place, of which 14 are for international activities. In the Toll Roads division, 64.50% of domestic employees are represented on health and safety committees; the figure is 13.6% for employees outside of Spain.

The number of medical check-ups carried out stood at 325 in Spain and at 188 in international concessions.


Safety officers at the construction operator performed a total of 5,750 on-site control and monitoring inspections in 2012, proposing safety measures when required to improve on-site safety. Over the course of these visits the safety officers gather systematic data that is processed using the occupational safety IT application SERPRE, which is available via the intranet to anyone working with safety systems.

The Ferrovial Agroman Occupational Safety Service conducted 1,426 Occupational Safety Studies and established 184 specific emergency plans for the different business activities.

44.1% of Spanish employees at the construction operator are represented on health and safety committees, and a total of 3,048 underwent medical check-ups specific to their job positions.

Airports and Corporation

A total of 55 Safety Service visits were conducted at Corporate and Ferrovial Airports sites. Over the course of the inspections two accident investigations were carried out, with two emergency plans being updated and revised. The number of physical examinations performed stood at 18 for Ferrovial Airports and 113 for Corporation.


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