Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Health and safety

Health and safety information and training

Ferrovial considers employee training and information in health and safety to be extremely important as a means of inculcating safety at all hierarchical levels, reducing accident rates and boosting management efficiency.


In 2012 Cespa provided a total of 92,966 hours of training in safe working practices to more than 4,000 employees. The safety division taught 198 courses to 1,370 employees.

Ferroser provided 59,398 training hours on health and safety and Amey 33,888 hours. With respect to training for staff with occupational safety responsibilities, a total of 10,648 hours of training were provided at Cespa, 8,600 at Ferroser and 1,664 at Amey.

The courses included the following topics:

  • Ergonomics: caring for your back
  • Safety in confined spaces
  • Working at heights
  • Working on median strips and roundabouts
  • Safety when cleaning up excrement
  • Emergency plans
  • First aid Loading and unloading chemicals

As well as the above, 208 Cespa line personnel received basic health and safety courses for staff responsible for "preventative resources".

In 2012 Cespa conducted its 5th occupational safety campaign, entitled “Play Safe”, which consisted of filming and screening a documentary made by employees depicting the proper use of personal safety equipment and safe practices at work. The documentary required more than 100 hours of filming at 30 Cespa work centers, covering a wide range of activities performed by more than 15,000 staff at the company.

The campaign shows how the culture of occupational safety has become a hallmark of Cespa, and how safety innovation, combined with strict compliance with regulations, proves a great means of reducing workplace accidents. Further information is available via the link www.Cespa.es/playsafe.

In 2012 Cespa continued with its "Press the Prevention Button" campaign, which explains real accidents and incidents that have happened at work centers, their causes and what safety measures would have prevented them from happening. The aim is to raise awareness among employees of the importance of safe working practices.

Toll Roads

In the Toll Roads area, a total of 2,106 hours of health and safety training were provided in Spain and 1,869 hours in other countries. Special training for employees covering specific occupational safety actions totaled 1,055 hours in Spain and 337 hours outside of Spain.


In the Construction division, there were further training programs pursuant to the 2012-2016 Construction Sector Agreement. Each employee was provided training specific to their post, including certified training for middle management, such as the 60-hour Basic Course for Occupational Safety Staff. A total of 1,626 direct employees 4,274 employees of subcontractors were given training. The number of health and safety training hours provided was 12,168, of which 5,385 were specific to staff with direct safety responsibilities at work centers.

The courses provided included the following:

  • First aid
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Working safely with machines
  • Safe scaffold assembly
  • Job-specific training
  • Working at sewage treatment plants

Several awareness-raising campaigns have been run in the construction area, in particular an anti-alcohol campaign and another promoting safe use of cell phones at work to prevent potentially dangerous distraction or loss of concentration. Both campaigns were backed by specific posters, designed as part of the "Committed to Safety" campaign.

Airports and Corporation

A total of 15 hours of health and safety training were provided at Ferrovial Airports and 112 hours at Corporate. The training included refresher courses for emergency personnel in first aid and fire safety, with hands-on extinction practice.


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