Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Corporate responsibility

Progress in 2012

  • Corporate Governance: The DJSI score for Corporate Governance has improved by 10% since 2010. This represents a major step forward in Ferrovial's commitment to transparency in market reporting and its recognition by accredited third parties.
    • Next steps: Complete the Equity Story document available to investors and analysts with the company's non-financial performance.
  • Codes of Conduct: Classification of suppliers using a methodology based on the Global Compact principles. Ferrovial has adopted the risk-based model of supplier analysis proposed by the United Nations Global Compact. This analysis aims to give Ferrovial a clear idea that its commitments extend to the supply chain and that it has the tools required to value them based on: market, country or product risk. Currently this model of analysis is in the process of internal assessment, and has already been presented to the Global Procurement Committee.
    • Next steps: Completion of the period of analysis of the methodology for assessing suppliers according to CR criteria.
  • People: Monitoring of the 65 initiatives already implemented, based on action plans established according to the results of the last Employee Satisfaction Survey of Ferrovial employees
    • Next steps: The 2013 Employee Satisfaction Survey.
  • Innovation: Ferrovial continues to develop sustainable innovation projects. The company invests a significant proportion of its capital in innovation projects. It is a member of various organizations and participates in the main public and private initiatives developed around the world related to innovation, promoting exchange of experiences and good practices between experts in this area.
    • Next steps: Continuity of the sustainable innovation projects.
  • Society and the Environment: Ferrovial building up a position for itself as a supplier of low-emission infrastructures and services. It continues to measure and manage its carbon footprint, establishing public commitments for reducing emissions. The Mobility Plan, which began in 2008, has gradually been extended to the Group's main corporate areas.
    • Next steps: Follow the strategic lines established by the Environment Department in monitoring and complying with the targets set for the 2013-2020 framework.
  • The corporate volunteer plan and measurement of the impact of social action: Through its Social Infrastructure Program, Ferrovial has consolidated a model of professional volunteering that includes advice to NGOs, both at its main offices and on the ground. The Ferrovial professionals are selected for their technical profile to support the company's international cooperation projects. Thus Ferrovial not only finances these initiatives but also participates in their implementation from the start by being present throughout all the phases of their development. It is also working on different methodologies for measuring the impact of its social action, and participates actively toward their creation by contributing its experience and way of understanding social impact.
    • Next steps: Present Ferrovial's action plan and commitment targets with its supply chain. Design an information platform with everything related to social action and corporate volunteering. With respect to the measurement of impact, select the platform that combines the characteristics and guarantees needed to procure a credible and traceable measurement.
  • Stakeholders: Program of encounters with stakeholders and a study of relevant issues for Ferrovial, which has given rise to the Materiality Matrix.
    • Next steps: 3rd Stakeholders' Forum and update of the 20.13 Plan according to the conclusions of the analysis of material issues, the results of the sustainability indices and the final revision of the 20.13 Plan.

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This is an electronic version of the 2012 Annual Report prepared by Ferrovial, S.A. for its stakeholders, which aims to be complete and accurate. The contents of this version can be checked by referring to the print version. A copy of the print version in PDF format is available to download on this web page