Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Selection and continuous evaluation of suppliers

The Construction Division controls and monitors the quality of suppliers through evaluations carried out by project managers when the supplies/projects are complete, or annually for long-term supplies or projects, or when incidents occur, as soon as they are detected.

The factors evaluated are:

  • Meeting targets
  • Product quality
  • Technical capability
  • Meeting price specifications
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety
  • Environmental performance

An incident is defined as when the average score of the evaluation carried out by the project manager (with Supplier Quality Monitoring Files) does not meet the requirements established by the parameters (equal to or under 2.5 out of 5), or when the score is 1 out of 5 for any of the evaluation factors. If a supplier has three incidents in a year, it becomes a "rejected supplier". However, suppliers can also be rejected if a very serious incident takes place, defined as such by the Purchasing Manager, with an analysis by the corresponding service when it concerns areas such as quality, health and safety, or the environment. Suppliers are rejected at international level centrally by the Purchases Department. The Purchasing Manager is responsible for making this decision.

When a supplier is rejected it cannot be contracted again for at least three years. The computer systems that issue orders and contracts do not allow the issue of any purchasing documents to rejected suppliers. If a contract with a rejected supplier is required for exceptional reasons, authorization is required from the Purchases Manager.

When a file with incidents is received, the supplier is informed of this situation and ordered to take appropriate measures to prevent the problem from recurring. The supplier is also informed that if it happens again it may become a "rejected supplier", with the consequences explained above. All the project managers working with the supplier are also informed, so the appropriate measures can be taken to prevent the incident from happening again, and to ensure the Purchases Department is made aware of the situation.

The Supplier Quality Monitoring Files and all the information on the supplier evaluation are recorded in the suppler quality monitoring computer application. This information is available to be checked in real time from any project site or center worldwide by authorized personnel.

In 2012, 300 supplier quality monitoring files were registered with incidents relating to suppliers in the Construction Division. Of all the incidents, 94 were related to the environment and/or health and safety.

Around 15% of all the suppliers and subcontractors working with the company in 2012 underwent an evaluation process. Of the total evaluated, 285 registered incidents and were therefore warned as indicated above.


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