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Ferrovial identifies innovation as a strategic tool for addressing the global challenges facing the world of infrastructures. In 2012 the company redoubled its efforts in this area, focused on developing its vision of intelligent infrastructure.

Innovation201220112010Var. 12-11
Investment in innovation (€ M) 32.6 * 51.2 45.0 -36.3%
* *This figure includes 769,000 euro corresponding to Ferrovial's collaboration with MIT, which is accounted for as R&D&i and community investment.

Major challenges exist in infrastructure management (growing urban populations, congestion and pollution problems, energy efficiency issues, sustainability, etc.). Ferrovial therefore pursues constant and systematic innovation as a key to tackling these challenges and creating wealth in a sustainable fashion.

Innovation is not only a tool for improving productivity and competitiveness, but a key source of value creation for all its stakeholders and society at large. With this in mind, it has established its corporate strategy and launched an action plan based on:

  • Customer focus.
  • Emphasis on implementing solutions.
  • Collaboration with industry, the public sector, universities and entrepreneurs, based on an open innovation model.
  • Improvements to the innovation process.

Ferrovial pursues its innovation policy through an open innovation model. This involves creating an open process and ecosystem for partners to enhance innovation through the exchange of ideas outside the organization. 

Aware of the importance of managing the innovation programs in all areas of the company and making the most of synergies, Ferrovial has created the Global Innovation Group with representatives from all company's business lines. Its mission is to develop the innovation strategy and to contribute toward consolidating the culture of innovation. The Ferrovial Innovation Awards were held in 2012 to recognize those employees who, above and beyond their normal work, have shown an interest in contributing new solutions and sharing them with the organization.

Ferrovial has defined seven areas of interest in innovation on which it focuses its efforts: energy efficiency, intelligent cities, waste recycling, water, innovative construction, toll roads and airports. Its aim is to position itself as a benchmark in Spain and around the world in the development of intelligent infrastructure products and services.

Ferrovial managed 81 innovation projects in 2012, with total investment in 32.6 million euro. Among them is the development of a system of satellite tolls that provide a new model of toll road services. It has also registered more than 100 patents to protect its intellectual property in strategic areas of research. In addition, Ferrovial is a member of various organizations and participates in major public and private innovation initiatives worldwide, where it promotes an exchange of experience and best practices among experts in the field.

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  • Contribute to sustainable competitiveness and value creation through innovation practices.

Lines of Action

  • Coordinate strategy and global policy on innovation.
  • Foster innovation opportunities within priority business areas.
  • Promote a culture of innovation among employees.
  • Use the instruments of innovation to develop and apply new solutions to business challenges.
  • Establish an innovation communication policy.

2012 Milestones 

  • Organized the 1st Edition of the Ferrovial Innovation Awards to recognize the employees’ most innovative ideas.
  • Participated in innovation assistance programs at a national (INNPACTO, INNPRONTA), regional (ETORGAI in the Basque Country) and European level (7th Framework Program, LIFE, ICT).
  • Developed a system of satellite toll payment and launched the seventh collaborative project with MIT.
  • Participated in the Pasion>ie and IBM SmartCamp initiatives.
  • Joined the Cotec Foundation.
  • Launched the corporate intranet innovation channel.

2013 Goals

  • Promote an external program of innovative ideas to meet the challenges of intelligent infrastructures.
  • Boost innovation training via the Corporate University, to support the identification and development of new business opportunities, and to explore new practices for managing innovation.
  • Define a program to identify and analyze innovative third-party solutions to the company's strategic challenges.
  • Development of innovation projects in priority areas.

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