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Ferrovial Innovation Awards

Aware that innovation can be generated in any part of the company, in 2012 Ferrovial organized the Ferrovial Innovation Awards. With the slogan "zuritanken", a combination of the Swahili term "nzuri", which means "good" and the Swedish term "tanken", or "idea", employees worldwide were invited to offer solutions to the four challenges set, one for each business area.

The company wanted to recognize those innovative ideas that could be implemented and were designed to increase process productivity and efficiency, improve the company's competitiveness and/or can generate new business opportunities. The aim was also to reward those employees who, above and beyond their day-to-day work, have an interest in contributing new solutions and sharing them with the organization.

The factors considered in selecting and evaluating the proposals (though not all had to be present) were that they should be new, attractive for the business, feasible in application and with a high potential impact.

The juries were made up of the Management Committees of the business units, which determined the best idea in each challenge, in accordance with the criteria. These ideas in turn entered the final phase in which the Ferrovial Management Committee chose the winner.

Over 500 proposals were received during the two months' application period, of which 15% came from groups, thus demonstrating the level of collaboration between the company's employees. In fact, the winning idea, "Power Floor: Not a Step Wasted" came from a group of four professionals from different company divisions: Amey, Ferrovial Services and Heathrow Airport Holdings.

Throughout 2013 pilot trials will be run on the ideas of the finalists and winners. There will also be feasibility studies on the more than 500 that were sent to assess their possible implementation.

The eight finalists for each of the challenges were as follows:

Services challenge: social initiatives for local service contracts.

  • AmeyInSociety.org: the social face of Amey. Reconcile Amey's social initiatives with the needs of the communities in which it operates through a collaborative platform.
  • Teaching skills to people with disabilities. Position the company as a benchmark for the job integration of the disabled through the creation of a professional skills center.

Toll Road challenge: increase toll road revenues.

  • GSM technology for automatic tolls. Make toll collection easier on toll roads using a payment system based on mobile technology.
  • Cintra, leader in road safety. Position Cintra as a leader in road safety and increase positive user experience.

Construction challenge: new methods in the area of construction.

  • Allocation App: One-click document management. Use time more efficiently when managing project documentation through a smartphone application
  • Laying rail track without an auxiliary track. Develop a technology that reduces costs and time and increases safety when laying rail track.

Airport challenge: improve the passenger experience.

  • Power Floor - Not a Step Wasted Creation of an intelligent floor surface that captures each passenger step at Heathrow Airport to generate energy and for use as a platform for analyzing information.
  • Mobile chair for babies. Objective: To make it easier for parents with babies traveling alone to pass through the security checkpoint by using a mobile chair.

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