Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Table of environmental indicators

The table below includes the environmental indicators that have not been expressly mentioned in the text.

Volume of tropical timber 39.3 m3
Percentage of timber of guaranteed origin 61 %
Total volume of paper acquired 486,487 kg
Percentage of paper with FSC seal 24 %
Percentage of recycled paper 50 %
Percentage of paper bleached without chlorine 62 %
Procurement of key materials for the business
  Barriers 30,000 t
  Asphalt 1,005,106 t
  Concrete 2,515,258 t
  Asphalt aggregate 97,635 Tn
Total vehicles in the fleet held under ownership 16,156
Percentage of company vehicles powered by alternative fuels 4
Consumption of reused water 1,756,819 m3
Proposed penalties in the year due to disciplinary proceedings opened in the year 238,512 Euros
Waste produced from construction and demolition 8,854,996 t
Total soil from excavation 15,202,803 m3
Total reused soil from excavation 12,830,069 t
Topsoil reused 14,900 m3
Material sent to landfill outside the worksite 2,458,514 m3
Materials reused at worksite 6,656,863 m3
Materials sent to other worksite or authorized landfill 6,158,306 m3
Accidental discharges to water * 50,070,028 m3
Total number of significant accidental spillages 0
Total environmental investments and costs in the year 70,362,635 Euros

Fuels used by stationary and mobile sources Total  7,615,821 GJ
Diesel  3,151,001 GJ
Fuel-Oil  481,612 GJ
Gasoline  372,563 GJ
NG  3,605,058 GJ
LPG  30 GJ
Propane  1,309 GJ
Consumption of energy acquired by primary sources ** Coal  248,804 GJ
Diesel  48,782 GJ
Gas  300,899 GJ
Biomass  14,498 GJ
Waste  4,867 GJ
Nuclear  135,302 GJ
Hydraulic  78,597 GJ
Geothermal  237 GJ
PV Solar  13,250 GJ
Thermal Solar  52 GJ
Wind  92,914 GJ
Tidal  0 GJ
Other  751 GJ
Electricity consumption Amey  17,426,218 kWh
Amey-Cespal  6,527,783 kWh
Budimex  37,421,910 kWh
Cadagua  75,794,642 kWh
Cespa  66,367,664 kWh
Cintra  29,292,122 kWh
FASA  16,571,228 kWh
Ferroser  7,996,398 kWh
Ferrovial  1,463,952 kWh
Webber  2,253,840 kWh
* The vast majority of accidental discharges to water are associated with flows beyond the control of the sewage treatment plants managed by Cadagua. Specifically, 43,093,330.9 m³ were one-off events triggered by the start-up of the Bens sewage treatment plant (La Coruña, Spain).
**  The calculation takes into account the electricity mix of each country where Ferrovial operates.

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This is an electronic version of the 2012 Annual Report prepared by Ferrovial, S.A. for its stakeholders, which aims to be complete and accurate. The contents of this version can be checked by referring to the print version. A copy of the print version in PDF format is available to download on this web page