Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Social commitment

Social action

Ferrovial’s Corporate Responsibility strategy confirms the company’s strategic vision of community investment. One aspect that is common to all Ferrovial social action is the involvement of employees in its charitable projects, whether by volunteer work either on-site or at offices (the Social Infrastructure program), or by choosing the projects that they wish to support (the "Juntos Sumamos" program).

Through this strategy, Ferrovial structures its social action via open charity drives, thus ensuring transparency and quality in its community investment initiatives.

In addition to the "Juntos Sumamos" matching-gift program (running since 2005), the second call for social assistance projects was announced in 2012, giving organizations in the Third Sector the opportunity to partner Ferrovial and getting Ferrovial employees directly involved via the Social Infrastructure Program.

Ferrovial is also a responsible donor that bases its donations on background information and subsequently checks the work of the NGO in question and the impact of the donation. The company works with Fundación Lealtad, a not-for-profit organization that aims to maintain the transparency and good practices of NGOs, and applies its recommendations in relation to the Third Sector. This collaboration guarantees that the counterparties with which the company works meet the standards of good governance and transparency.

The company has staff responsible for the monitoring and control of the quality of its social action projects to ensure that the funds are invested both appropriately and efficiently.

In 2012, Ferrovial carried out 346 social action projects, including the following:

Highlighted project Business Area of Action Contribution (€)
Social Infrastructure Program 2011. Establishment of sustainable and accessible water supply systems in the MAORE and KIHURIO katas. District of Same. Tanzania. ONGAWA Corporate Socioeconomic development 269,301
Patio 2.12 project as part of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 Competition. University of Seville Construction Environment 230,648
Services provided by Ferrovial PERSONNEL at the Center for Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Innovation Other 181,794
Optimization of Electricity in Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Innovation Environment 123,077
Social Infrastructure Program 2011. Sanitation, drinking water coverage, quality and access in homes in San Marcos, Cajamarca region. Peru. Plan España. Corporate Socioeconomic development 111,708
Climate change monitoring in the National Park network. Fundación Biodiversidad. Construction Environment 100,648
Improvement in infrastructures and equipment in food distribution centers. Spanish Red Cross. Corporate Social welfare 100,000
 Community Involvement Days  Services  Other  85,224
Teatro Real de Madrid. 2012-2013 season Construction Arts and culture 78,737
"Cintra in action!" Support for the "Ahora más que nunca" (Now more than ever) Red Cross campaign Toll Roads Education and young people 51,301

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This is an electronic version of the 2012 Annual Report prepared by Ferrovial, S.A. for its stakeholders, which aims to be complete and accurate. The contents of this version can be checked by referring to the print version. A copy of the print version in PDF format is available to download on this web page