Ferrovial - Annual Report 2012


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Green purchasing

Vehicle fleets and timber derivatives are two of the most critical product groups from the environmental point of view that are common to all the businesses, due to their impact on the global climate. Work is being carried out to this end to develop green purchasing lines within the global procurement policy. These commitments are explicitly laid out in Ferrovial's Sustainability Policy, as well as the Global Procurement Policy approved in 2012.

In particular, the company is increasingly committed to verifying the legal origin of any materials that may be critical to environmental sustainability in their areas of origin, or that may have a significant impact in terms of biodiversity loss in certain regions of the planet. One example is timber sourced from the tropics or other parts of the world where sustainable forestry management is not guaranteed (unless an independent certification mechanism is in place). With the aim of extending the procurement of certified forestry products, Ferrovial signed a partnership agreement with the World Trade & Forest Network (Red Ibérica de Comercio Forestal in Spain), run by the environmental group WWF, under the aegis of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The aim of this agreement is to try to ensure that Ferrovial carries out a "responsible and efficient use of natural resources" through:

  • The establishment of an action plan that extends the purchase of FSC certified timber across the supply chain.
  • Improved traceability of wood-derived products.
  • Publicizing the importance of products with guarantees of origin.

In a significant proportion of construction and public services contracts the company has no control over decisions regarding the materials that are used. The company is therefore committed to ensuring that all bids and proposals made to customers should include the greatest proportion possible of recycled and reused construction materials, or environmentally friendly materials, thus extending the use of such products.

In line with the company's climate change strategy, procurement criteria have been established for the following areas:

  • Vehicle fleets held under ownership or via long-term leasing and renting contracts, as well as industrial and civil works machinery.
  • Power supply contracts, promoting certified renewable sources. Some companies, such as Ferroser (operating in the area of services) have managed to establish 100% renewable energy supplies at all offices by adhering to these criteria.

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